quiz out of boredom

It’s quiztime, baby ~ as made by Cat

1. What would you do if you got lost in the woods? I’d probably find a nice tree and sit there, watching the creatures slowly gathering around me and then.. then.. try my cellphone. But there wouldn’t be a signal so they’d probably eat me. Or make me marry their weird king or something…

2. …With a very attractive person? Let him/her get married to the king instead and then run like hell!

3. Would you date someone with a prosthetic leg? I don’t see the problem in that. Is it shiny?

4. The eternal battle; chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate. Om nom nom!

5. Name a fetish you have. Oh wait, that’s not a question. Name a fetish you have, please? Err.. not.. really. I don’t have one? I think. Wait, let me think again. NO.

6. Late at night when you’re awake and all alone, and the stars are shining brightly above you, do you feel sad? Yes ._. Sad and nostalgic. I want to go home.

7. What if there was a full moon, too? SCARY! Zombies, coming for me. NOOOOoo.. honestly.

8. Do you need the company of a stuffed animal to sleep properly? Not really. But it’s nice having them in the bed ^___^ ALTHOUGH , I do need my pillow...

9. Do you sleep in a foetus position? Sometimes.. but not always. Hahah.

10. Are you pathetic? Because if you’ve answered yes to the last four questions, I’d say you are. There were no such questions silly. Your mom is pathetic!

11. Are we seriously all going to die because of global warming? Nope. We’ll all die by my hand in the eternal battle!

12. Have you ever wanted to bash someone’s head in with a brick or a baseball bat? Many times, oooooh yeeees… actually, I can think of several people right now.

13. If yes, who and why? If no, you’re probably lying? The guys who stole my moped. I’d bash ‘em goooood.

14. Are you keeping any secrets from me? Yes :D

15. If yes, why? Don’t you trust me? Don’t you love me anymore? I trust you but I’m afraid I don’t have any feelings for you anymore (that hurts to hear ._.)

16. What is your favourite videogame of all time? Final Fantasy IX <3 Woow.. I could chose one.

17. What is the most attractive feature with the gender(s) you’re attracted to? ER! I’d say… their hair and eyes.

18. Why on earth would you find THAT attractive? ‘Cause your mom likes it now shut it.

19. Are you suggesting coconuts migrate? ME? No no, ask that suspicious looking man over there!

20. Were you expecting crazier questions from me? To be honest, yes, I did. Bad child! *slaps*

21. Am I letting you down? MUCH! *slaps again*

22. How old would you say you are – mentally? 8.

23. Do you have faith in The Flying Spaghetti Monster? No-*gets hit by The Flying Spaghetti Monster* SO! You’re back! Take THAT *hits* and THIS *slaps*

24. Have you ever hugged me? Yes, not that many times though and that’s it.

25. Why/ why not? Saying goodbye and that time you cried in the first year of school Ô__Ô

26. How do you know me, anyway? Classbuddy~ Awesome.

27. What do YOU think is the meaning of life? … you wouldn’t believe me if I told you.

28. If you could own your very own circus, what would it feature? Kittens, cupcakes and Teacup in a cage doing weird gestures and YOU singing opera :D

29. Would you be contributing to the entertainment? If yes, how? OF COURSE! I’M THE STAR OF THE SHOW! I’D SHOW OFF MY GREAT BAKING SKILLZZZZ

30. What are you better than me at? Baking? Playing the bass? Uhm… I …_. Fail..

31. What makes you think you’re so great at it? I actually DO those things?

32. What would your last words be? That depends on the death situation!

33. Do you like tacos? Om nom nom. TASTE MY TACO FLAVOURED KISSSSES.

20th Century Boys

Det ska bli en film. Intressant<3 Kolla in trailern här!

oreos meltdown

Det här med att skriva på engelska är ett slöseri med tid och tålamod. Jag klarar inte av att sitta dubbelt så länge och oroa mig över hur texten blir med stavning, ordval och ”flow”. Det är ingen idé att jag försöker med något som tvingas fram. Fast vem försöker jag lura, om inte mig själv? Är precis lika orolig som för min svenska. Så en del inlägg kommer att bli på svenska och andra inte. Troligen blir de flesta på mitt random språk ;D Hur kommer det sig egentligen att jag är så kluven? Glad, utåtriktad, snäll och social är ord som beskriver mig (sagt av utomstående). Fast hur kommer det sig att jag innerst inne är en bitter, människohatande, paranoida (fast det här sägs av andra det med) och negativ person? Det stämmer inte in alls!
Sen så känns mitt huvud konstigt. Som att två faktorer har smält samman. Går inte att förklara så att andra förstår, men det är som att jag under alla mina år har sett mig själv utanför kroppen och gett order om aktion som en utomstående. Nu är det som att jag blivit instängd i ett mörkt utrymme som koncentrerar sig genom ett synfält? Doesn’t make sense at all. Hanna utan palindrom eller Hannah med palindrom. Ibland skulle jag vilja vara den där lilla tuffa tjejen som grät på lektionerna, var dålig på att ljuga och levde ut sina fantasier som häxa och riddare, pirat i skogen? Hon var jävligt awesome.
Anledningen till att jag skriver, ja funderar, över det här (eller den här situationen jag befinner mig i) beror till stor del av att jag läser en mycket bra manga: 20 Century Boys. Där själva handlingen ligger på det förflutna och karaktärernas barndom. Ompf. Jag tar tillbaka det jag sa; tänker på det här hela tiden, bara lite extra mycket under min läsning. Lustigt egentligen, hur vissa faktorer kan påverka en människa på ett sätt men inte alls för en annan.

Slutsats: Människor är ”lustiga”.

awesome and frightning robot form the manga 20 century boys

The answer is subjective

Obviously I failed my math exam. Again. To top that, I failed the exact things I felt most confident with. Isn't that ironic? Insert mad laughter. So. Yeeh. August 18th I'll be doing it again and this time I'll get it. If not I can't have the course I want! At least (and aaaaahhhh<333) I'll get my Japanese<3 If, I do get accepted of course. Doesn't have anything to do with my failure in math. But this is not the point! MY LIFE IS A LIIIIEEEEEE AND I FAAAAAAAAIL! Am listening to the Devil May Cry anime soundtrack. And drinking hot cocoa. Like Hercule Poirote.

“Is it bigger than a microwave?”

(Those are the exact words, though in Swedish, that the weird orb asked Tomb and I. Why? Because obviously it could read our minds.. or that’s what the package said it could! And how could it do that? It asked questions. In case you’re wondering; it failed.)

Today, as in 080709, I went to Uppsala to meet with Tomb \o/ Walked around, laughed at weird toys and ordinary shopping items and spied at people. Fun! Lots of conspiracies and weird things happened. And this concerns YOU CUP; We went to this weird fake toy store and I found really awesome olds games and such, and guess what? Playstation ONE memory cards! They even had the official one. The sad thing is, I didn’t have enough money to buy you one. So, lets go to Uppsala soon!

After all this madness we watched Iron man at the cinema; we had the whole cinema room for ourselves, w00t! Awesome. The movie was pretty awesome too. I’d love to read the comic! I hade a really good time yesterday! But after Tomb had got on his train home I felt this.. huge hunger. And still 20 minutes left for my train, so I sent lendai a text message! Cured my hunger with burger, coffee and some chit chatting. Then my good day was over. Got home, my dad picked me up at the station (aw) and then sleeeeeeeeep.

Although it was indeed a very good day.


Saturday 080607; A crappy fear convention expo crap, and I actually played a ‘fear game’; Clock Tower 3. It was alright, until this big scary monster-ish guy with a huge hammer started to attack the weird schoolgirl character I was playing as and ran after me and the only thing I could do was either hide or splash holy water in his face, which only made him stop for like 4 seconds. Besides, after 3 sprays with water I had to refill it. SUCKY! It was Cup and Cat that convinced me to go with them to this event. Well thank you.

Minus this weird expo involving some guys having a nipple-session and Cat getting harassed by a unknown girl, we had fun \o/ Played Brawl, Guitar Hero and.. I don’t know, was being plain mean to this guy that flirts with Cat. Old man.

After a few hours we decided to go back to Cup’s apartment and try out my new game; The Bouncer, which is a Square Enix product. SWEEEEEET! …. Except not! It kind of sucks, but the graphics nice. One of the maincharacters look like a mix of Tidus (from FFX) and Sora (KH). We played a bunch of other games and were being plain and ordinary mad and crazy until Sarah and I decided to go home. 8 a.m. Gasp! All night, playing and laughing. Lets do it again hm? And this time I’ll try and play more on Gregory Horror Show<3

FEARgul gets 1/10 (I DID play a horror game and that’s all that matters…)

Save jPod! Say no to Steve!

jPod is a novel by the author Douglas Coupland. The story is pretty much about Ethan (from his POV) and his co-workers at the game company Neotronics Arts. They're hip, weird videogame designers and programmers that surnames start with a "J". You can expect the weirdness to continue with their surroundings, family, and friends and also by Coupland himself! If you haven't read it, do so. The ceilingcat is watching you!

There's a tv-show based on the novel, with the same name. Although, here's the sad news; the television network where jPod is broadcasted are cancelling the show! It's not even been a complete first season. So please sign this petition (I'll give you cupcakes!) and SAVE jPod! And if you feel like it, watch full episodes online here~


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

jPod is a novel by Douglas Coupland published by Random House of Canada in 2006. Set in 2005, it concerns a group of video game programmers whose last names all begin with "J". They live and work in a development "pod", which they refer to as the "jPod", within a company that, as Coupland describes, "resembles, but legally no way is Electronic Arts", located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (Electronic Arts has an important branch in Vancouver and its suburb Burnaby). As in Coupland's other novels, the characters can be said to face issues that define their era.

The novel is presented in the form of diary entries maintained on a computer by the narrator, similar to a previous novel from Coupland, Microserfs (1995).

jPod is also a CBC Television TV series; it premiered on January 8, 2008. [1] On March 7, 2008 its cancellation was announced, [2] thus ending the series with a permanent cliffhanger ending.

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